What’s it about

PanaWrapping is a ground breaking technique developed to convert 2D images into 3D graphical embellishments

PanaWrapping one-sheet 3D printing system delivers a cost-effective, sustainable alternative to complex three-dimensional P.O.S applications, and consumer retail products.


Our incredible patent pending, breakthrough system converts flat artwork into photo realistic 3D by generating a series of interlocked panels that are printed and cut out of folding card stock.

Panels are fitted with an interlocking system to generate a perfectly formed embellishment that slots into a back panel. These 3D enhancements can be created in virtually any size.


The stunning, 3D pop-outs enhance backgrounds and provide disruptive marketing, compared to the plastic equivalent which leads to excessive costings and with unnecessary impact on the environment.


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How it works

We are a dedicated digital studio, ready to turn your flat artwork into jaw dropping 3D, wherever you are in the world!


We have a global network of established PanaWrapped manufacturers at your service.


However, if you already have an established print service provider meeting our criteria, the on-boarding process should be simple and once the agreement is in place we can work with them to service your needs.


You will then be able to plan your next campaign in stunning, eye-catching 3D!

  • Ticks all the boxes for sustainability – The major concern for brands in 2020.
  • Full photo-realism, we get the closest finish and shape to the real thing.
  • Quick service – files converted in days; you can get samples swiftly.
  • Go as big as you like, this depends on the size of the board used by a print partner.
  • Easy to assemble – panels fold together to push out a panoramic model.
  • Features inter-locking tab system securing panels in place.
  • Flat-pack modular design for low carbon, cost efficient shipping.

Stand Out

Add a profitable, fresh dimension to your existing cardboard displays and be the envy of your competition!

PanaWrapping is game-changing. It’s a breath of fresh air for the display industry, which has been dominated by solid plastic, 2D cardboard cut-outs, and bland activations.

Not anymore! This unique solution engages and makes any product stand out from the white noise, setting it apart from any other in-store POS.


So Many Uses

The uses for PanaWrapping are endless.


If its being printed, in most cases it can be converted. Just take a look at your product images and imagine them popping out instead of being flat!

Consumer Products

PanaWrapping adds a photorealistic three-dimensional effect to all applications including wall art for commercial, corporate domestic and leisure uses, where disruptive images, icons and logos can literally pop-out walls.

This is a highly profitable new category for retailers looking for a new range to develop and market alongside traditional wall art. Retailers select their artwork and we create the 3D for production-ready pieces.

We can convert most images; however, some excel more than others in 3D format. The most impressive 3D pieces include licenced cartoon characters, pets and wild animals, rock stars and silver screen celebrities, modes of transportation and iconic landmarks, sporting personalities and sports equipment.


For companies already in the poster printing market you can choose existing artwork for us to convert for you and, as with all our images, the Master Files are licenced back to you for production.

And for companies who don’t manufacture we can provide a list of our approved partners for you to be work directly with.

As well as looking great, PanaWrapped commercial artwork offers a low-cost set-up and production with the advantage of flat-packed distribution for greener, efficient and cost-effective logistics.

If PanaWrapping sounds like a way for you to offer you clients the latest revolution in 3D artwork then we’d love to hear from you!


Launching 2020

Stock holding designs and Stand alone floor displays available to order.

Both 180° & 360° designs will be available

2020 target?


Brand Managers have one major objective – to reduce plastic consumptionfrom their POS buying.

This eliminates 3D print, Vacform & inflatables!


PanaWrapping evolved from taking our state-of-the-art software and patented technology to its limits and testing our creative team to their full capacity. Beginning life as fabric over frame models, we wanted a more sustainable contribution to print that enabled full curvature and sensory detailing on card without stretch or distortion of the original products.

Following the success of the original StackaWraps models, PanaWrapping is now established as a global network offering one sheet 3D to the biggest brands and the most renown print manufactures.


The unique application and development of the PanaWrapping technique allows clients a fresh alternative to the old school plastics and landfill problems of the past.

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